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The birthplace of skiing

Morgedal is the birthplace of skiing, or to be more correct, ski sport...

People have used skiing as a mode of transport for over 4000 years. However in the 1800's downhill skiing as we know it today was influenced like never before by Sondre Norheim from Morgedal. Who was this charismatic character who changed ski design and gave us the world's first carving ski and full heel binding? Where did he live and what was it about the terrain he grew up in that so inspired him to develop skis and new techniques just for the pure rush of the downhill? The answers are waiting for you in Morgedal, this magic little Norwegian valley which gave ski sport to the world.

Jazz lovers flock to New Orleans, Elvis fans congregate in Memphis, ski enthusiasts travel to the little mountain valley of Morgedal. What do they all have in common? The search for the original... Maybe it is time you took the skiers pilgrimage to Morgedal - no flashy chairlifts, ritzy bars or designer ski wear... just the world's first slalom slopes, still in their original condition and a valley where people have always loved to ski.


5 Apr 2013

In the media and TV world the program is know as «New Scandinavian Cooking,» and Morgedal and Telemark were the setting for the latest episodes in the program’s eleventh season.

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